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Our Programs

Communication is Essential

As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while away from your child. We make great efforts to ensure you are always in the know.

You can expect:

  • daily communications

  • your child's weekly activity plan - includes a schedule of learning opportunity, outdoor and indoor playtime, nutritional snacks and more

  • photographic and creative artwork displayed around the classroom

  • conferences, phone calls, and emails


Sharing GOD's Truths

As a Christian Learning Center we have the great honor, privilege, and opportunity to provide your child's first looks at who GOD is.


Through daily example, we are able to share Christ's love and kindness with each child. Be it through prayer before a snack or lunch, redirecting a behavior, sharing a hug, or reading simple Bible stories, or simply discovering together "how much" GOD loves and cares for each of us, it is through these steps we are able to share a glimpse of Christ's love with them.

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